Family Self-Sufficiency

The Importance of Strong and Stable Families

The family is the nucleus of society. The importance of the family unit in society is essential and it requires our attention. The morally and economically stable and functioning family contributes to the fundamental stability of our culture and our economy in our community, our state and our nation.

?We all know that children thrive when they are part of safe, nurturing and strong families. Research by the Search Institute shows that having a healthy, stable and loving family is the foundation to raising happy, healthy and successful children. It is also the most important element in instilling a positive value system in children and giving them the developmental assets they need to become happy, healthy, and successful adults.

Families need supportive communities to provide social ties, enhance health, teach values, and develop assets in children and youth. When living in a supportive community, a family can grow to its full potential and provide the best environment for children to grow into healthy, caring adults.

Our goal is to help families increase their financial stability and move forward on an individualized path toward self-sufficiency.

United Way funds will be used to advance family self-sufficiency by helping families move off welfare to economic independence so they are free from government dependence.

Family self-sufficiency programs provide individuals and families with the help they need to get back on their feet and learn the skills necessary to make healthy lifestyle choices, find employment, maintain a home, and live independently.

Helping move families from welfare to self sufficiency
  • Counseling and case management for struggling families
  • Stable housing
  • Emergency/crisis support for basic needs
  • Bridging the Gap – furniture donation program
  • Transportation support – Wheels for Work Program