Child Homelessness Prevention

Preventing Child Homelessness and Unstable Housing

What can be more traumatic and devastating than a child without a home; a safe and stable place for a child to live and sleep at night? 

Preventing Child Homelessness

1 out of 5 children live in households that are at risk of becoming homeless; i.e. they are just one unpaid rent payment from eviction. Today, many children sleep in a different place almost every night because they have no home – be it a friend’s apartment or a relative’s house, these children have to sleep in a chair, a couch or on the floor. Some even sleep in a car with their parent and other siblings.

It is estimated that 125 to 175 children are homeless in Fort Dodge at some time during the year. It may be for a few days, a few weeks or a few months. Most of these children only have their mother in their lives and their single parent family is destitute.

United Way’s Homeless Prevention Fund helps these families in financial crisis with temporary housing in a safe place so they don’t have to sleep in a car or in a tent. United Way also provides emergency financial assistance so they can avoid eviction and remain in their homes so the children do not become victims of homelessness.

Unstable Housing

1 out every 5 children and adolescents in Fort Dodge live in households that struggle each month to pay their basic living bills – utility bills for water, electricity and heat. It is estimated that during the course of a year, as many as 500 or more children live in homes that go without water or heat for a period of time; from two days to a week or even up to six months.

United Way provides emergency assistance for impoverished families with children to help them keep their heat and electricity on and the water running in their homes.

Donations to the United Way Child Homeless Prevention Fund can help make a huge, even life-changing impact for children.